I know, I know - you're too busy. We're all 'too' busy! The thing about this book is that it's actually digestible and worth it. The philosophy makes so much sense and the activities are truly doable. Even for, especially for, people who are busy and tired at work. This wasn't one more thing to do, this was something that was missing for me - and really needed.

Julie Roads

Chief Creative Officer

MJM Creative, WPP

“Inspirational book providing specific actionable tasks to improve an individual’s, and therefore also a group’s well-being. Among other, it teaches how to build good habits - a key to an individual and team's success and performance.”

Jako Kruuse

Nordic CF Advisory


The Way Holistic provides a clear and easily understood path to the physical and mental wellness businesses and not-for-profits need to retain employees and flourish. The step-by-step actions it outlines apply to any organization looking for ways to increase productivity by investing in each individual's well-being. Now and in the immediate future, maintaining a well-functioning workforce is the best way to improve the bottom line. Krepp and Harvey have supplied the means to do just that.

Michael Dupree

Dutchess County Democratic Committee Chairperson

“I have personally benefited immeasurably from participating in a wellness program guided by Chakra Holistic's CEO, Karina Krepp. This book lays the groundwork for improving employees' health and well-being, going way beyond diet and exercise. I applaud the authors and the way they approach wellness on a holistic basis!”

Regina Morellino

"At last! A book that is all-inclusive. Karina and Heather have brought together the full range of individual elements that contribute to making the sum of who we are greater than the whole. And, they clearly explain and detail how we can achieve an optimal human ecosystem."

Jayne M. Silberman, Ph.D.

“I have known Heather Harvey for over 5 years. During that time, I have seen her work with many people on a variety of different concerns relating to nutritional health, hormonal health, muscle / joint issues, lifestyle design and many other health related issues. Heather has been a huge benefit to each person's specific area of need. She is an expert. The width and breadth of her knowledge is impressive and I would not hesitate to recommend that someone or a whole group work with her on specific individual concerns that they may have or as a part of a larger wellness program.”

Kent Kononoff,

CEO of Sales

We’ve all focused on fitness and nutrition for our health and wellness goals. This is a great start, but doesn't fully hit the mark. Thank goodness we’re beginning to see the whole picture includes psycho-spiritual dimensions as well. And even better—Karina and Heather have mapped the journey for us! Their time-earned knowledge, wisdom and know-how is second to none. If you want to feel better than you ever have, in your inner life and your physical body, then The Way is definitely for you!

Kristin Kaye

Award-winning author

ghostwriter, book coach + meditation teacher

“The Way to Wellness is a thoughtful 'How-to' book with practical perspectives from the authors that makes you feel you are working together to attain your goals. 'The Way' is a methodology from the heart, which is what you want in a wellness book.

Wynne Lo

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