About Your Instructors

Heather Harvey

Co-Founder of The Way Holistic

Heather is a Chek Institute-certified holistic fitness and lifestyle coach. The owner of Burn360 Holistic Health studio in Alberta, Canada, Heather is dedicated to helping clients find their purpose through a holistic approach to balance and wellness through individual and group fitness, nutrition, and wellness programs.

An avid team sports athlete since childhood, including as a competitive soccer player through her early twenties, health and fitness have always played a central role in Heather’s life. Heather holds a Diploma in physical education and Child Psychology from Mount Royal University and certificates in personal training, mind-body nutrition, and group exercise. Not only a business owner and author, but Heather is also a mother, stepmom, and wife. She stresses the importance of building a tribe when embarking on a transition or transformation.

Karina Krepp

Co-Founder of The Way Holistic

Karina Krepp is certified by the Chek Institute, the American Council on Exercise, the Road Runners Club of America, ELDOA, and the Yoga Alliance. She has spent years as a wellness advocate for private clients, from CEOs to judges to actors in and around New York City. Owner of Chakra Holistic, Karina focuses on better health and fitness through a whole-person approach that improves wellness and promotes the achievement of personal and professional goals.

An early pioneer in the Kinesiology sport specific corrective exercise practice, Karina has always been motivated by her personal fitness goals, including marathons, triathlons, Spartan races, century rides, treks to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, and the TransRockies Ultramarathon. She applies a laser focus on goal setting with clients, always underscored by the importance of developing a like-minded tribe for support and empowerment. A wife, mom, entrepreneur, and successful businesswoman and author, Karina holds a BA from SUNY Purchase.

About Heather & Karina

Meet your instructors

Heather Harvey and Karina Krepp are holistic lifestyle experts who share a passion for empowering others to achieve a balanced, intentional life that is fulfilling personally and professionally based on a foundation of wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Successful entrepreneurs with decades of experience coaching business leaders, politicians, athletes, and performers, Heather owns Burn360 Holistic Health in Alberta, Canada, and Karina owns Chakra Holistic in New York City. Ever seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise, Heather and Karina met through the Chek Institute. They are both actively engaged in continued education and certification in holistic wellness, fitness, and health. They partnered to develop and launch The Way Holistic: a six-month curriculum to share their approach to helping clients define and achieve personal and career goals through a holistic lifestyle approach that is realistic, sustainable, and attainable. The 26-week group program is offered to individuals as well as corporate cohorts.

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