poster of the way 24 week course

The Way Holistic 24 Week Digital Course


Knowledge is the first step up the ladder to change. The Way Holistic is full of actionable knowledge that has already helped thousands of people. But books don't create habit change, they inform us of improved options.

After years of coaching other elite humans, we've learned applied repetition is the key to success. But we don't stop there, we witness and celebrate your progress as a community.

You are joining a group of like-minded individuals committed to leveling up. We will meet every week for twenty four weeks to reinforce and encourage your behavior changes. Meet your new best friends and your true self. Join us on The Way to your best self. All boats rise in the tide of true tribe transformation!

We want you with us. At the end of our six months of progress you can meet your tribe in person at our community retreat.

Join today for a better life tomorrow.

All orders include: Weekly live online meetings, Four hours of live professional coaching with the tribe, Email access to professional coaches.

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